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  • 1.What is "VHB"?

    "VHB" means "Very High Brightness". Originally, VHB LCD display was applied in aerospace and military fields. Lot of outdoor display applications need higher brightness to be viewed under sunlight. Usually, the brightness of regular LCD screens is too low to present vivid content in outdoor places. About Litemax high brightness LCD display, this technology integrates both efficiency inverter design and sophisticated backlight module to enhance the visual performance of the display.
  • 2.What is "Nit"?

    "Nit" is the standard which LCD manufacturers rate the brightness of their panels. Another term for "Nit" is Candelas per square meter (Cd/m2). One nit = 0.2919 foot -lambert (F/ L).
  • 3.Does the VHB display have a shorter backlight life?

    Thanks to the VHB Technology, our display can achieve higher brightness in a healthy way. The whole backlight unit has been redesigned for a longer life span. Even after 5 years field test, the brightness can be measured at least half as a new one, which is still better than any TFT LCD display in the market. 

  • 4.What is the definition of "Sunlight Readable LCD"?

    A "Sunlight Readable LCD" is a LCD screen can be viewed directly under sunlight. The brightness of a "Sunlight Readable LCD" is supposed to be over 1000 nits.

  • 5.How to correctly set up our products?

    When you setting our products, you should have static electricity protection and follow the installation guide to set up properly. You may also watch the direction of connector to prevent damaged products.
  • 6.How to apply RMA for damaged product return to repair?

    You should contact with our sales first to response your problem and also provide the series number, model and photo of the symptom you are facing. After that, our sales will give you RMA number and instruction for you to return product to repair. 

  • 7.What is the setting on computer should used for LITEMAX product?

    Please follow our specification in menu and to output correct resolution, frequency. To use right power input is very important for safety of product. If there are any problem during setting our product in system, you can directly contact our sales to have technology support for you.

  • 8.What kind of application you can use our product?

    We have widely product chain, like NavPixel for marine, DuraPixel for high brightness needs, system RuggCore for fanless system solution and you can have this information on our company website. 

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