• Litemax SDM Series Launch


    LITEMAX, the leading display solution provider and the winner of National Award of Outstanding SMEs, are proud of launching the brand new product line based on Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification. These two SDM ready system will embed Durapixel®, Litemax famous high brightness LCD series and Spanpixel®, the most popular resizing LCD display series around the world, to provide the industrial standard solution. Litemax believe the great opening will accelerate the growth of multi commercial solutions including digital signage, public kiosks, professional monitors, and point-of-sale.

  • Litemax New Embedded Products powered by Intel® Apollo Lake Processor


    Litemax, the leading industrial solution provider, launches the brand new embedded products powered by Intel® Apollo Lake processor, including three motherboards - AECX-APL0 (3.5” AECX), AMIX-APL1 (Mini-ITX), APIX-APL2 (Pico-ITX), and three fanless embedded computer – IBOX-APL0 B/ C/ D type.

  • Litemax won the 26th National Award of Outstanding SMEs


    At the end of this October, Litemax are pleasure to be awarded the “National Outstanding SMEs Award”, the highest honor attainable for medium and small enterprises in Taiwan. Litemax would like to share the great honor with all our partners and customers.

  • Congratulation! Litemax Spanpixel SSD4215 won the third award in 2017


    Good news, Litemax 42” square shape LCD Display (SSD4215) just won TDS (Taiwan Digital Signage) Awards! For more detail of this product, please see its product page ( link) for the detail and contact our sales soon!

  • See Litmeax POS/ KIOSK Soluton!


    Mastering the professinal know-how of kiosk design and system integration is what earned us the reputation as the enabler of intelligent kiosk vertical platforms, including but not limited to ticketing machines, vending machines, gas stations and much more.

  • Again, welcome to meet Litemax in the air!


    Again, welcome to meet Litemax in the air!
    This summer, over 500 companies visited Litemax at Computex 2017. It was our pleasure to present to you our solutions and numerous success stories at Computex this year. Now it is time to review our full solutions and watch out the detail from 9 videos via our YouTube Channel ( YouTube Channel Link)

  • Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017 (MTI Japan 2017)

    2017/06/12 / [2017-06-12~]

    November 29 (Wed.) - December 1 (Fri.), 2017 10:00 - 17:00

  • Thank you for visiting us at Computex Taipei 2017!


    Thank you for visiting us at Computex Taipei 2017!
    It was our pleasure to present to you our solutions and numerous success stories at Computex this year. We hope our industrial display and industrial computing experts, along with our demos, offered a better understanding of our capabilities, how we can help you meet targets and how we can help boost your businesses. Litemax has long been an industry pioneer, and our focus on enabling intelligent vertical market platforms makes us an ideal partner to provide you with the best-in-class industrial solutions.

  • 晶達光電重磅出擊!2017北京軌道交通展 "晶"品上市!

    2017/06/12 / [2017-06-12~]

    晶達光電 晶寬屏 (Spanpixel®) 高亮度切割長條屏,已銷售全球六十餘國,並廣為好評。在中國市場,經多年推廣,晶達光電產品也已廣泛被應用在每個重要的建設專案之中。2017年,晶達光電決定參與北京國際城市軌道交通展覽會,期能透過此次展會,再次的將晶達光電的首發"晶"品 - 晶寬屏系列的最新產品,介紹給支持我們的客戶!

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