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Litemax Unveils Special-shaped Digital Signage in Versatile Retail Scenarios

Digital signage brings everyone closer. Between destinations and travelers, advertisers and consumers, management, and employees, digital signage delivers real-time, dynamic messages across multiple platforms and channels. Litemax's SSD3525 & SSD5055 Resizing LCD adds visual interest in shops with a unique vertical market and perfect install digital signage on space constraints.
LCD Panel Cutting Technology
Resizing LCDs
Panel cutting technology is highly cost-effective in limited space. It allows a resized LCD to be made to fit versatile applications while cutting the panel, the function of the monitor still works excellent.
Litemax is able to cut 1/4 size panel from a 58" into 50.5" and 1/2 size panel from a 55" into 35.2". The special-shaped cutting, the high-reliability display is a perfect fit for public signage applications in narrow, limited spaces.
Key Features:
  • 50.5" resizing LCD
  • Resizing display (aspect ratio of 16:2.2)
  • Sunlight readable, high brightness (1,000 nits)
  • Resolutions: 3840x536
  • Wide view angle of 178°(H),178°(V)
  • Slim Bezel
  • BL MTBF: 100,000 hours
Key Features:
  • 35.2" resizing LCD
  • Square Screen (7.7 : 9)
  • High Brightness 1000 nits
  • Sunlight Readable
  • LED Backlight Low Power Consumption
  • BL MTBF: 100,000 hours

About Litemax
Based in Taiwan, Litemax is a leading manufacturer of high-brightness LCDs, sunlight-readable LCDs, resizing LCDs, bar-LCD displays, embedded computers, industrial automation, industrial motherboards, network security appliances, digital video-surveillance systems, and panel PCs. Its applications include transportation, digital signage, factory and machine automation, environment and facility monitoring, and medical/healthcare.
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