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Litemax’s Award-Winning Panel Wall System: Brings Out the Best Culinary Experiences at Blackbull Farm

Digital Signage
Carol and Bill have always had a passion for food and the vision to share their passion with others. So when they opened BlackBull Farm restaurant at the heart of Taipei in XinYi district in late 2015, they were looking to indulge their clients with absolutely the finest ingredients.
While the dish is painstakingly crafted, Bill and Carol also understood the importance of a luxurious atmosphere, and hence sought after a stylish outdoor digital signage system to advertise their business through a panel wall solution.  With the busy and neon light-cluttered buildings abound that is known as XinYi district, they needed a total solution which would stand out among the crowd. So they specifically appointed Litemax for an end-to-end, one-stop shopping service delivery, and in return, Litemax offered the award-winning DLO5507-L.

Digital signage

The 55” sunlight readable, high brightness (1,400 nits) DLO5507-L is the recipient of 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award. The high-quality, versatile display is designed to be titled up with other displays in various shape of forms, vertically or horizontally, excellent for advertising and announcements at retail stores, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, stadiums, music concerts, exhibition halls and many more. It boasts full HD resolution, an industry-leading LED backlight technology and ultra-narrow bezels (3.8mm).
Unlike consumer-grade displays, the DLO5507-L is a rugged, industrial-grade display wall solution capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures up to 110C (230F). Engineered with the best-in-class High Tni (110C), the DLO5507-L guarantees no blackening defect.
"We've had strong connections with the outdoor display market for years and Litemax has had a great reputation, which is why we called them up and asked for their products specifically when we knew we needed a panel wall system,” said Carol Wu, owner of Blackbull Farm. “We love the colors on the panel wall and also how robust it is. We broadcast our video 24-7 around the clock and the quality is excellent."
Aligned with the philosophy of BlackBull Farm, Litemax works tirelessly to deliver the best quality of offerings, such as the award-winning DLO5507-L. Every dish is exquisitely designed to make your tastebuds dance and swoon, whether it be handcrafted Apple Strudel with fresh cream and coffee or a 40 day Dry Aged Steak with Yamato Lobster. Visit Blackbull Farm today at No. 126, Section 5, Xinyi Road, or call +8862-2723-5988 to make a reservation.
For a quote on Litemax DLO5507-L and the display wall portfolio, please contact [email protected] 
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