Industrial Computing

LITEMAX® industrial computing is the full range of solutions from 3.5" and Mini-ITX motherboards, fanless box PCs, and panel PCs. All of them are featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options, assuring maximized flexibility for design-in efficiency. LITEMAX® industrial computing comes with various standard form factors and scalable sizes, allowing quick integration for customer applications.

  • Litemax offers advanced, robust industrial embedded board solutions from 3.5" SBC, Pico-ITX to Mini-ITX motherboards. Tailored to customization service to fit the customer need with the highest quality and the lowest RMA rate guaranteed...
  • The comprehensive box PCs portfolio offering intelligent, industrial box PCs, brought to you by Litemax Industrial Computing Division (formerly WynMax Technologies). Customization is available upon request with the highest quality and the lowest RMA rate guaranteed.
  • With features such as IP-rated enclosures, high brightness displays and multi-touch capability, Litemax's Panel PCs & Monitors are designed with innovative technologies, highest industrial standard and extensive functionalities that fulfill the needs for a wide range of applications.

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