• Transportwesen

    Commute in a Smart Way!

    For many cities around the world, it is of great importance to promote public transportation as a favorable choice of commute. Envisioning a future where intelligent transportation platforms are abundant, Litemax is focused on providing solutions concerned with passenger information systems, automatic fare collection, traffic improvement, control room surveillance and rolling stock applications.
  • Industrial

    Faster Multitasking, Increase Productivity

    The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 is impacting the growth of industrial control and factory automation market worldwide. IoT can be integrated with cloud computing and big data analytics into industrial control and factory automation processes, which can be integrated with various types of rugged LCD displays, human machine interface (HMI), industrial computing solutions and embedded applications.
  • Marine

    Getting Smart as Demands for More Sophisticated.

    The global maritime industry is getting smart as demands for more sophisticated equipment, personnel and their operations increase. The amount of intelligence heavily depends on the hardware solutions utilized on board. Litemax provides industrial-grade marine displays, computers, panel PCs and systems that use leading technologies and reliable designs perfect for applications on the bridge, a dock, an open deck, or in a control room. Litemax’s display systems pass strict tests and follow critical industrial standards to ensure compliance with international marine standards.
  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage Solution

    Digital signage brings everyone closer. Between destinations and travelers, advertisers and consumers, management and employees, digital signage delivers real-time, dynamic messages across multiple platforms and channels. Litemax specializes in outdoor ready, sunlight readable digital signage applications designed to operate around the clock regardless of the types of installation environments.
    Digital Signage
  • Gaming

    Customized Displays Shape Our Solution Gaming Experience!

    Customized displays and the advancement of display technologies that follow, have changed gaming experiences around the world – higher brightness, stronger color enhancements, more user intuitive, more dynamic interactions and so much more. From topper to main display, bottom deck to gamer interface, Litemax plays a significant role in shaping that gaming experience.
  • Heavy Duty

    Embedded systems are sometimes asked to operate in harsh environment. Such an environment can differ based on the specific application, but generally it has to do with temperature, shock and vibration, altitude, and ability to withstand moisture. Such a system might be on a factory floor, it might be in the cab of a truck, it might be out in a field somewhere. At the same time, most of the systems must connect to the Internet or some internal intranet. Hence, they fall into the category of Industrial IoT.
    Heavy Duty

    Mastering the professional know-how of kiosk design and system integration is what earned us the reputation as the enabler of intelligent kiosk vertical platforms, including but not limited to ticketing machines, vending machines, gas stations and much more. Litemax expertise in kiosk displays and reputation in sunlight readable, high brightness LCDs has been exercised and proven worldwide, building an unparalleled experience base for our kiosk customers, system builders and integrators to tap into for promising businesses.
  • Healthcare

    The baby boomers are getting older, and will stay older for longer. How can we prepare today’s medical institutions for the demand? Litemax strives for an integrated approach to patient care across the hospital enterprise, boosting clinical performance in every department via a connected network of intelligent platforms. At every patient touch point, from the imaging exam, to the radiology reading room, to specialist consultations and treatment planning, to the surgical or interventional radiology suite to education at the patient bedside, there will be certified medical-grade displays coupled with industrial embedded systems from Litemax to safeguard patients, provide assistance to staff and keep the operation at its best.

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