Litemax customization services provide an effective way to design and manufacture hardware and software solutions to help various vertical application providers to achieve high-performance products and quality.  Our customization service features flexibility, scalability to meet project requirements are tailored to your project specifications.


Litemax has cultivated in various vertical markets and applications for over twenty years including transportation, industrial, gaming, etc,  our engineering team excels at partnering with our clients to understand their needs and to provide a first-class engineering service. From the design of embedded boards solution to the core system-level products- Litemax assists in innovation, optimization, and competitiveness.


Contact us or email [email protected] for more information regarding our customization services including engineering options and we will gladly answer any question that you may have. To provide customers and partners with high-quality solutions based on our innovative technology, core technical ability, strong technical team, flexible manufacturing, quality control, and global service.



  • Requirements Assessment & Agreement
  • Technology Study
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Schedule Planning
  • Cost Evaluation

Design & Prototyping

  • PCB Circuit Design/Layout
  • Schematic & Placement Review
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • Thermal Profile
  • EVT Test Report

Design Validation

  • Full Functionality Test
  • Compatibility & Reliability Test
  • EMI/Safety
  • DVT Test Report
  • Pilot-run units

Manufacturing & Quality

  • System Integration and Assembly Service
  • Build-to-Order; Configure-to-Order
  • Quality Management System

After Service

  • Global Warranty
  • Extended Warranty Service
  • On-line Registration Service






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