Advanced Optical Bonding (AOT)

Sunlight Readable
AOT (Advanced Optical Bonding) is one of Litemax’s many proud patents. The bonding refers to a protective glass that is glued in front of the Litemax display to enhance its readability under the sunlight or in high humidity outdoor environments.


The basic idea of AOT is the use of an optical-grade adhesive to glue an anti-reflection glass to the top surface of a display. This method eliminates the air gap and bubbles between the cover glass and the display.

As the pioneer in sunlight readable displays, Litemax strives to eliminate the reflection of sunlight, which causes a mirror-image on the display. At the same time, through AOT, display's contrast ratio increases as the amount of reflected ambient light gets reduced.

AOT Benefit:
  • Higher color contrast by 5 to 10 times
  • Increased ruggedness with bonding a sheet of glass on top of the display
  • Improved durability as a bonded display resists scratches, fluids, stains and dirt more effectively
  • The elimination of an air gap between the cover glass and the display preventing moisture from entering to penetrate and cause fogging on display's surface
  • Extended temperature range and EMI filtering

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