Resizing  LCD

Resizing  LCD

Panel cutting technology

Panel cutting technology is a highly cost-effective solution to manufacture custom display sizes that are needed to fit into applications that have limited space. The resizing technology does not alter the display's environmental or optical performance in any way. The resized display retains the same contrast, viewing angle, and interface as the original donor before cutting. A resized display also takes advantage of the newest display LCD technologies such as the high resolution, highly saturated color filters without the expense of developing a full custom LCD. Resizing an LCD is literally to cut the glass, polarizers, circuits, and circuit boards. These newly resized displays are often referred to as a specific cut from the original donor LCD such as 1/8 cut, 1/4 cut, 1/3 cut, or ½ cut. 

For example, most 58" displays in the market today are UHD resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels.  If we resized this LCD to a 1/4 cut the vertical aspect gets truncated. The 3840 x 2160 resolution would then become 3840 x 536 resolution.  If we cut the display into 1/3 height, then the diagonal measurement of the display shrinks to the new resolution parameters.  Please refer to the images for an example.

Digital signage is ideally a market where resized displays are typically used. The displays can be installed in a location that a full-sized display would never fit into. This gives businesses a chance to deliver targeted messages to their audience while providing a unique, eye-catching display for messaging, infotainment, entertainment, and advertising.

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