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We have our customer service professionals who are glad to help with any technical and application issues of our products. Our professionals will provide product troubleshooting, specification and introduction, and will choose the proper displays to fit customer’s needs. We are very glad to help customers with any specific problems. Not only do our professionals have relevant professional technical skills but also be familiar with the latest development and application in display industry. Our professionals are always in the apex of the era. Not only can our professionals resolve your current needs by the latest technology, but also can lead you to the future advanced display industry. We sincerely welcome you giving your advice and comments to us. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact our team.

Litemax Customer Service Taiwan: +886 (0)2 8919-1858 ext 565 In order to clarify Litemax's warranty service contents, these guidelines help to provide our customers the best support. To expertise your service and ensure your eligibility on all the warranty services, please contact the branch office where covers your area.

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ITEMAX Electronics Inc Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

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