• Q1

    Tell me in short why choose Litemax motherboard?

    We only have 1 RMA service engineer to serve the cumulated 800K pcs board for the past 8 years, return rate is less than 1%.  We know what you need when it comes to 24/7 operation, or extreme condition.  Our senior engineer designs the board from top to bottom, not just put together some reference design and sell.  There are too many details on IPC design, and we know the whole 9 yards.  There are differences between Mercedes and Hyundai, even though they all have 4 wheels can run.  We stand up behind our quality.  We will become your long term partner.
  • Q2

    Are you long term supply? What is your process of EOL?

    Yes, at least 5-year long term supply.  We will issue EOL notice to you 6-month in advance if we know some key parts will be discontinued.  We will offer you the last buy chance, don’t worry.  Our Global Strategic Purchasing will also try to get enough supply for you.  For some case customer did last buy after last buy several times!
  • Q3

    I saw your boards are without your logo imprinting. Can you do private label? How about different PCB color like blue or black color? Do we need to pay extra for different color?

    We are doing a lot of ODM business.  Of course we can do private label on your board.  Also no problem with different PCB color.  Usually that require 2K pcs order, then without extra change.
  • Q4

    What is your NRE charge policy? Can it be refund after certain quantity?

    Please send your plan and then we can discuss it. We are flexible on NRE if you want to refund after certain order amount.  We can discuss.
  • Q5

    Does the samples include in the NRE charge?

    We can include 1 or 2 boards if it is simple design. If you want to have more quantity, then you can order extra.
  • Q6

    How fast is your first EVT sample if we pay the NRE now?

    Usually first EVT working sample can be delivered by 2.5 month after NRE received and project kick off officially.
  • Q7

    What is your BIOS brand? Do we need to pay extra for the license label?

    We use AMI BIOS mainly. Our quotation will include the License, no extra pay for that.
  • Q8

    What is your MOQ?

    MOQ will be 200 pcs.
  • Q9

    I saw your PCB showing “Made in Taiwan”. Is your product all made in Taiwan?

    Yes! That is why we are better quality and more flexibility!
  • Q10

    I saw your Apollo Lake PCBA has some solid capacitors, why I did not see any on your Kaby Lake board?

    Actually on the rear side of the Kabelake board, you see more bulk capacitors on that, which is 2 times more expensive than the solid capacitors.  Our design principle is meet the spec first.  If our board can not pass our DQA process, then cost down does not make sense.  That is why our customers are willing to pay the premium for the quality product.
  • Q11

    What is your warranty policy?

    Board level is 2-year.  System level (fanless PC, panel PC) is 1-year.  But we are open if you want to buy extended warranty to 3-year or even longer.
  • Q12

    Over the mounting hole on the PCBA, I noticed that you don’t have any solder on that. Why other company has the solder cover the mounting holes?

    I am glad you notice that detail.  We use the gold-plated board, not copper-plated board.  Mounting holes are usually grounding points for EMI purpose.  Copper-plated board will get oxidation easier, then your EMI will fail if you use for couple of years. That is why they need to have solder to protect.  Gold-plated board double the cost of the copper one.
  • Q13

    What is your product form factor range? Can we get quarterly roadmap update?

    From miniITX, 3.5”, to 2.5” PicoITX. Yes, we have quarterly roadmap update on both IPC and industrial display.
  • Q14

    Your power connector has 2 types, screws and mini-DIN 4 pin. Why is that?

    Both power connectors have lock to prevent loosing after shock or vibration.  Those are the requirement for industrial PC.
  • Q15

    How close you work with Intel? Do you also have RISC board?

    We are working closely with Intel.  In fact, we are cowork with intel regarding their latest spec call SDM (Smart Display module), which is a credit-card size PC can slide into display to give computing power and WIFI connectivity.  The reason Intel select Litemax is we have both display and IPC design capability.  We also has PICO-ITX form factor RISC board based on Cortex-A17 Quad-core CPU, with low power and affordable price, of course, still very reliable.
  • Q16

    What is "VHB"?

    "VHB" means "Very High Brightness". Originally, VHB LCD display was applied in aerospace and military fields. Lot of outdoor display applications need higher brightness to be viewed under sunlight. Usually, the brightness of regular LCD screens is too low to present vivid content in outdoor places. About Litemax high brightness LCD display, this technology integrates both efficiency inverter design and sophisticated backlight module to enhance the visual performance of the display.
  • Q17

    What is "Nit"?

    "Nit" is the standard which LCD manufacturers rate the brightness of their panels. Another term for "Nit" is Candelas per square meter (Cd/m2). One nit = 0.2919 foot -lambert (F/ L).
  • Q18

    Does the VHB display have a shorter backlight life?

    Thanks to the VHB Technology, our display can achieve higher brightness in a healthy way. The whole backlight unit has been redesigned for a longer life span. Even after 5 years field test, the brightness can be measured at least half as a new one, which is still better than any TFT LCD display in the market. 
  • Q19

    What is the definition of "Sunlight Readable LCD"?

    A "Sunlight Readable LCD" is a LCD screen can be viewed directly under sunlight. The brightness of a "Sunlight Readable LCD" is supposed to be over 1000 nits.
  • Q20

    How to correctly set up our products?

    When you setting our products, you should have static electricity protection and follow the installation guide to set up properly. You may also watch the direction of connector to prevent damaged products.
  • Q21

    How to apply RMA for damaged product return to repair?

    You should contact with our sales first to response your problem and also provide the series number, model and photo of the symptom you are facing. After that, our sales will give you RMA number and instruction for you to return product to repair. 
  • Q22

    What is the setting on computer should used for LITEMAX product?

    Please follow our specification in menu and to output correct resolution, frequency. To use right power input is very important for safety of product. If there are any problem during setting our product in system, you can directly contact our sales to have technology support for you.
  • Q23

    What kind of application you can use our product?

    We have widely product chain, like NavPixel for marine, DuraPixel for high brightness needs, system RuggCore for fanless system solution and you can have this information on our company website. 

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