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Custom LCD Displays

To resize an LCD is literally to cut the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size. Litemax has done the impossible, over and over again. Litemax delivers customized display solutions to help our clients to approach their projects.

  • SCD2364-C

    23.6” TFT LCD, 700nits LED Backlight, 848 x 848, Double Side Circle Display
    Size Brightness Resolution
    23.6" 700 cd/m² 848 x 848
  • DUD4304-CT

    43” TFT LCD, 500nits LED Backlight, 3840x2160, Multi-Touch Curve Display
    Size Brightness Resolution
    43” 500 cd/m² 3840x2160
  • SCD5745-I

    Double-Sided 57.4” Resizing LCD,1000 nits LED backlight,3840 x 807 ultra-wide aspect ratio 16:3.4
    Size Brightness Resolution
    57.4" 1000 cd/m² 3840x807

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