• Taiwan Excellence 2017 - IPPC-GP19-BYT2


    Litemax 19 Modular Panel PC with Intel Bay Trail processor. Display provide 1600 nits high brightness screen and 10 points touch An excellent product for outdoor application.

  • Taiwan Excellence 2017 - WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770


    IP68 Panel PC powered by IntelR i series processors, Litemax WMPC-W1852F-P-QM770 is an unfailingly waterproof industrial-grade panel computer that boasts an enviable aluminum design, in addition to an user-friendly 10 points P-CAP multi-touch screen. Engineered for outdoor applications, IPPC-MR18-IVB1 comes with a 1000 nits of high brightness and strong readability under the sun.

  • Litemax Presents Local Dimming: Power Saving and Heat Optimization for Outdoor Signage Applications

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    Litemax has enjoyed a strong reputation for expertise in sunlight readable, high brightness industrial display, but we can offer so much more. We push ourselves to raise the standard for displays and digital signage applications. Local dimming is another example of how we bring rugged outdoor displays to the next level.

  • Visit Litemax at InnoTrans 2016!!!


    Litemax and WynMax cordially invite you to join us at InnoTrans this year! As Litemax becomes the benchmark for transportation solutions, we are presenting various World’s Firsts at this year’s InnoTrans: Spanpixel™ SSD3585-I, the world first 4K resized LCD, designed for passenger information system. Spanpixel™ SSD4788-A, the resized LCD with an ultra-thin aspect ratio of (16:1.5) Durapixel™ DLD4309-A, with 4K2K resolutions and Litemax’s own color enhancement MaxRGB technology Why wait? Contact us now!! for an appointment!

  • Litemax Presents World's First Double-Sided Resized LCD Display: Taking Businesses to the Next Level

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    Litemax Presents World's First Double-Sided Resized LCD Display: Taking Businesses to the Next Level

  • Taiwan Excellence 2016 - SCD2735


    Most sought-after size for digital signage: Having been in the display industry for 15 years, Litemax has accumulated tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the needs of various sectors, including digital signage and 27.3”LCD is unique and uncommon but at the same time the most sought-after size for digital signage

  • Taiwan Excellence 2016 - DLO5507


    DLO5507 features a full HD 55-inch IPS LCD with a high brightness backlight at 1400 nit. Each screen comes with an individually color calibrated function for an enhanced viewing experience. This color calibration technology, namely MaxRGB, is built in with each screen and capable of automatically tuning all of them for a unified effect. Litemax has applied for patent for this technology.

  • InnoTrans 2016


    Hall 6.2, No.220

  • Litemax Partner Endorsement Interview with Display Solutions

    Youtube Channel

    Litemax's one of partners in the UK, Display Solutions (, was established in 1996 and has specialized in providing displays and embedded board computing solutions. After having worked with Litemax for more than 8 years, Brendan O'Reilly, Display Solutions Commercial Manager, takes the opportunity to endorse Litemax. For more information about Litemax, please visit or contact us directly at

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