Industrial Display Thermal Control Board

Thermal Control Board

Industrial Display Thermal Control Board
  • Intelligent, multi-purpose thermal control board with 8bit MCU processor
  • Wide operation temperature -40°C to 80°C
  • 16 channels of fan control functionality
  • 3 channels of temperature sensors
  • 4 channels of lighting management
  • Can be connected to control different sensors in use
  • 1 channel of I2C and memory program port
  • RoHS & Reach compliant
Model name Thermal Control Board
Input Voltage 12V (Typ.)
Output Voltage 12V (Fan control port)
Temperature Detect R -55 ˚C ~ +125 ˚C
J1 ~ J16 Fan control
J17 Memory buring port
J18 I2C or GPIO A/B
J19 ~ J21 Temperature sensor / light sensor
J22 ~ J25 EN/DIM/GND
J27 Input voltage
Temp. -40˚C to 80˚C
MCU 8bit
Certification RoHS & Reach


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