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Durapixel™ - Sunlight readable LCDs

The spirit of Durapixel indeed lies with its name: durability. Why Durapixel? Commercial-grade LCD displays, due to the competitive pricing structure, are unable to offer more than MTBF of 30,000 hours, which will not be sufficient for any applications that require around-the-clock operations. System designers, integrators and users serious about rugged, industrial displays for demanding environments need to look no further – the unfailingly robust and high-quality Durapixel is the key to each of your success.

  • DLS-5502

    55” TFT LCD, MaxRGB, LED Backlight 350nits, MaxRGB, FHD(1920x1080)
    Size Brightness Resolution
    55” 350 cd/m2 1920 x 1080
  • DLS-3205

    32” TFT LCD, LED Backlight 800nits,MaxRGB UHD(3840x2160)
    Size Brightness Resolution
    32” 800 cd/m2 3840x2160
  • DLS-4302

    43” TFT LCD, 380 nits LED backlight, FHD(1920x1080)
    Size Brightness Resolution
    43” 380 cd/m2 1920x1080

Product List

  • DLH2126-E

    Size Brightness Resolution
    21.5" 1600 cd/m² 1920x1080


    Size Brightness Resolution
    21.5” 1600 cd/m2 1920x1080

    DLH3200-G V1

    Size Brightness Resolution
    32” 2500 cd/m2 1920x1080


    Size Brightness Resolution
    43” 1000 cd/m2 3840x2160

    DLH4905-LNU V1

    Size Brightness Resolution
    49” 1000 cd/m2 3840 x 2160


    Size Brightness Resolution
    49” 1600 cd/m2 3840 x 2160


    Size Brightness Resolution
    21.5" 1600 cd/m² 1920x1080
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