Optimized passenger information system (PIS) displays in China

160 units of Litemax's Spanpixel SSF3625 have recently been chosen as the new solution for optimized passenger information system (PIS) displays in of Huai’an, a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu province of Eastern China. SSF3625 is a 36.98” sunlight-readable, high brightness (1,000 nits) display from Litemax’s exclusive patent in LCD resizing.

With population of over five million in its municipality, Huai’an is a large city with a mass transit infrastructure that includes railways, buses, and – most recently – a light rail transit system. As the newest addition to the infrastructure and a statement of novelty and advanced technology, the light rail transit system seeks the most innovative, intelligent platforms on its trains to better improve the daily lives of Huai’an’s citizens. For this reason, the Spanpixel SSF3625 was selected as the benchmark for all next-generation in-train displays, with the ability to broadcast dynamic video contents, while maintaining high energy efficiency like all Litemax displays. 


In addition, the shape and form factor of the SSF3625 are a perfect fit for the designated installation area onboard the train. Fitting perfectly overhead in the center of the train compartments, the ultra-wide stretched displays – with an aspect ratio of 16:2.2 and high resolutions of 1920 x 268 – are aesthetically pleasing and can be easily seen from all angles, providing essential information such as the route map, name of the current stop, transfer information and alighting door indication, as well as extra good-to-know information such as the latest news, weather, entertainment shows and most importantly, advertisements that are imperative to various shops and brands. 

In addition to the 36.98” models, another 38” Spanpixel has been a worldwide favorite for in-train signage applications. The slightly wider (aspect ratio of 16:4.2) 38" models, which have been seen in buses and trams in Poland since 2012. These units have made travels easier by displaying dynamic route information over the windows on both sides of the vehicles so that passengers can choose to look out the window to see the gorgeous scenery, or slightly up to gather information like tram number, date and time, route map, name of current stop, as well as any updates in traffic conditions.



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