Stretched bar displays for wayfinding and safety messages

Light up to be seen all over the world

Assured Systems were approached by the SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, now Scottish Event Campus,) who were keen to add stretch bar displays to their digital signage mix. The brief was to place stretched bar displays in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas for wayfinding and safety messages, so that customers arriving at the venue could enter via the corresponding entrance to their tickets. The majority of the screens would be used at the entrances to the SSE Hydro arena (one of 3 venues within the Scottish Event Campus,) at the gated entrances so it was critical that the displays were sunlight readable.

Assured recommended the Litemax SSD4848-A, a 48.4 inch resized LCD with an LED backlight giving a brightness of 1600 NITS. The screen has an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 16:3 at a resolution of 1920 x 358, so the clarity and definition is the same as that of a full HD screen. A wide viewing angle of 178°(H), 178°(V) means that those viewing from an acute side angle to the screen can still read the content with clarity. These screens also have a low power consumption for their size of 83W, saving energy costs whilst prolonging the life expectancy to above 70,000 hours of constant usage.

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