Jan 2024

Countdown to the final 4 days! The globally renowned audiovisual and systems integration exhibition, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30 to February 2, 2024.

In ISE 2024, LITEMAX is thrilled to collaborate with our best partners Steliau Iberia and Assured Systems,  showcasing our cutting-edge industrial displays and industrial computer solutions. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at 6-K300, where you can experience the latest developments in industrial display solutions.

Sharpening your Gaming Experience

Customized displays and the advancement of display technologies have changed gaming experiences around the world – higher brightness, stronger color enhancements, more user intuitive, more dynamic interactions and so much more. 
In ISE2024, we will exhit our latest displays tailored for high brightness, incorporating power-efficient LED backlight technology. Featuring LCD panels with specific aspect ratios and sunlight readability, the displays  are renowned for their high color saturation, brightness, and wide viewing angles. This unique combination not only ensures exceptional visual effects and dynamic content delivery but also positions them as preferred choices in gaming and casino environments. 

Commute in a Smart Way

Passenger information systems have evolved from traditional signage to advanced smart display modules, combining LED panels, LCD displays, and single-board computers. These thoroughly tested systems, equipped with modern processing power, Ethernet connectivity, and fan-less enclosures, meet high standards for shock, vibration, and environmental conditions. Ideal for highways, buses, cabs, and subways, these systems quickly convey essential information to passengers, enhancing their travel experience.
Meeting the EM50155 rail certification, LITEMAX ITRP Series to be showcased at ISE 2024 feature ultra-high brightness technology with a backlight brightness of up to 1200 nits and achieves Front IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating. The aluminum design not only enhances heat dissipation but also features a front surface with strengthened touch glass paired with AOT Bonding technology, preventing unclear visuals caused by sunlight reflections. This makes it highly suitable for applications such as station information systems, track control, tourism guidance, and track automation.
Building up the Versatility of Kiosk

The reliance on self-service solutions comes at a time when consumers have become familiar and relatively comfortable with the technology that is prevalent in their everyday lives, at grocery stores, gas stations, airports, and retail shops. Kiosks, in fact, are so commonplace, they’re just there. Like clothes on the racks. Like merchandise on the shelves. Like the walls of a store.
LITEMAX is delighted to showcase our best interactive KIOSK solutions in ISE 2024. Based on Intel's Smart Kiosk Module, the  architecture separates the system's“one-size-fits-all” compute module and the peripheral interface board (PIB). This is a significant design feature because it eliminates the need to unplug and accurately reattach multiple cables when it is time to service, replace, or upgrade the compute module. This simple connection is made using a standard PCIe-based interface. 

Greening your Reading Experience

Wonder how to achieve sunlight readable yet maintain low power consumption? That is exactly what LITEMAX "Ecogreenpixel" is all about. Featuring Bi-stable Reflective echnology that harnesses ambient light for superior visibility in direct sunlight, the display is ideal for outdoor use and can eliminates the need for a backlight, saving a remarkable 95% in power consumption.
Going to be exhibited at ISE 2024, the LITEMAX ELD2809 is a 28” ECO green reflective full color display. With a full color spectrum of 30K and an impressive high resolution of 3840 x 1080, this display delivers vibrant and detailed imagery. What sets the ELD2809 apart is its ultra-low power consumption, ensuring efficiency without compromising on performance. 
Empower your Computing System

In ISE2024, we are thrilled to showcase our latest industrial computing solutions,  the full range of solutions from 3.5" and Mini-ITX motherboards, fanless box PCs, and panel PCs. All of them are featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options, assuring maximized flexibility for design-in efficiency. LITEMAX® industrial computing comes with various standard form factors and scalable sizes, allowing quick integration for customer applications.
Get your Free Invitation Code and Vist us at ISE 2024!
Don't want to miss again this largest exhibition for systems integration professionals? Welcome to use our code "DPZSSZED" when registering to get your free Expo Badge. Welcome to make plans to join LITEMAX at the Booth 6K300. 

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