Dec 2023


As the society’s concern for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction is increasing and the implement of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in 2026 by EU is going to be hold, the control of carbon emissions has become not only an ethical responsibility but also a crucial factor in winning market competition.

With a core philosophy centered around transformation and innovation, LITEMAX is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint Verification, underscoring its commitment as a responsible global citizen in the battle against climate change. We actively promote a range of energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives, such as upgrading outdated equipment, embracing energy-efficient lighting, developing low-power consumption products, and advancing the application of e-paper technology.

ISO 14064 serves as an international standard for the methods of greenhouse gas emission and verification. Through a clear assessment criterion, enterprises can clearly clarify the evaluation and quantification of greenhouse gas management and ultimately guides enterprises in effectively establishing their carbon reduction capabilities and reporting carbon reduction performance.

“Our goal is to continually demonstrate robust operational resilience and pursue the maximum benefits for all stakeholders.” said by David King, president of LITEMAX. While pursuing stable and sustainable growth, LITEMAX will adhere to corporate ethics and legal operations, ensuring information transparency and striving to develop eco-friendly product to become a sustainable enterprise.


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