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DS1510C3 (Slave)

DS1510H1(Master)/ DS1510C3(Slave) innovations is take full advantage of LAN, plug & play ,daisy chain, easy management, highly scalable product.
  • Full HD /Image & Audio Distribution
  • Suggested Tree Chain up to 10 levels
  • Take full advantage of conventional Gigabit Ethernet PHY, 100meter each level.
  • Highly Integrated Interface Extension: RS232-Over-IP.
  • Model name DS1510C3 (Slave)
    Video Spec  
    Maximum Resolution Display 1920X1080@60Hz
    Compression Algorithm [Patented]Visually Lossless Compression Algorithm
    Compression Ratio X20~x50
    Latency Time <2fps(~=33ms)
    Video I/O Port 1 HDMI Display Input port
    Extension Spec  
    Cable Medium Ethernet Cable: CAT5e or above
    Cable Distance 100 Meter each level
    Tested size:10rows of 100m in 10 level
    Ethernet Input Port SWITCH X 3
    Ethernet Output Port SWITCH X 3
    I/O Spec  
    RS232-Over-LAN .Broadcast Mode
    .Selected Point to Point Mode
    Sys Spec  
    Power Requirement Each PCB is design to power with 12V@0.5A DC/DC Adapter, with power consumption less than 5 watts
    PCBA Size 13cm(H)x8.95cm(V)x1.5cm(D)
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